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Full Plate Project

We are all about filling plates and filling hearts at Sisters!

Celebrate the work that we do together during Full Plate Project, our summer matching gift campaign!
Grow your support and donate now!

Your donation goes the extra distance during June and July. As part of our Full Plate Project, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a pool of generous donors!

It is no longer enough for organizations to ask, “How can we feed a community?”; rather it is essential that we answer together “How do we as a community feed ourselves?” At Sisters, answering that very question has molded the trajectory of our work to create equitable models for food access. Bartering in our Cafe for a healthy meal was the first step that took seed over 36 years ago, and has grown into one of the most radical food justice programs around. Your support allows us to grow and thrive - because everyone deserves a full plate!

Women’s Care Days in the Cafe

Every 1st Friday of the month…

Once a month we open our Cafe space to women-identified people and children only in an ongoing effort to keep our space safe for everyone. Anyone who identifies as a woman including trans women (and children) are given priority on these days by creating a space solely for nurturing women, their voices, and some relaxing pampering. You’re welcome to join us in the space or take a hospitality lunch to-go for male identifying folks or if you’re just on the go. Join us each 1st Friday for a relaxing day of massages, manicures and other treats!

Summer opportunities!

Want to know what’s happening around the Cafe besides amazing food and good times? Check out our events flyer for all the latest ways to get involved. Hope to see you around!

Donations Accepted - Just Give Us A Call!

We’re always accepting donations but encourage you to give us a call ahead of time to check on our current needs since they’re always changing and we can sometimes reach our maximum storage capacity. If we can’t accept your donation at this time we can help coordinate with other local organizations who might have a greater need for your donations. Thank you!

Community Care Nights with People’s Health Clinic of Portland

People’s Health Clinic of Portland are a free health clinic serving those of us living at the crossroads of economic injustice and other systemic oppressions. Join us the third Friday of the month for free snacks, tea, blood pressure checks, community style massage and acupuncture, reiki, naturopathic and herbal visits at Sisters Of The Road. Drop in and sign up for a 30 minute session with a community based health care provider. Care is free and all are welcome!

For more information on the People’s Health Clinic of Portland check out their site here!

We believe:

  • health care is a human right
  • that educational health care is empowering
  • that healing happens socially
  • in the power of plants and connecting people with them

We are driven to:

  • provide access to holistic alternative care
  • break down power relationships inherent in many provider-patient relationships
  • support activists’ health
  • empower queers, trans folks, folx with low socioeconomic status, and people of color
  • support full access to intact communities
  • remove systemic barriers to health access
  • create access to intact communities

We are committed to:

  • providing care that is immediate, impactful, deep, first-rate, direct, true, working with the whole person, and effective
  • being aware of our limitations and communicating them clearly
  • offering respectful care from practitioners that actually listen to you and focus on healing
  • being inclusive & creating a welcoming environment through a diversity of care providers, modalities, and patients
  • actively seeking out and responding to the needs, questions, and requests of patients we serve
  • providing physical, mental, and societal health thru access to methods best suited to each individual’s needs

We contribute to:

  • raising our collective understanding of common knowledge & creating a world where people know that it is accessible
  • creating healthy intact communities & ecosystems, where people are able to live in connection with themselves, each other, & the natural world
  • creating a world where we come together to heal from generations of oppression, colonization, exploitation of the earth and its people
  • challenging white supremacy and eurocentric hierarchical models

Healthy Plate Project at Portland Farmers Markets

Gather up your green barter cards and take a ride on the MAX with us! Once a week throughout the Spring and Summer we’ll take a trip to Portland Farmers Markets for Healthy Plate Project! Join us as we shop for produce and other fresh, local goodies with our punch cards and meet some local farmers.

All other partner markets will be opening in May so stay tuned for dates or check the Cafe board for a list and map of participating markets!

Services around town

Emergency Shelter and Services for anyone experiencing homelessness in Multnomah County available here.

211 Health and Human Services can be found here.