Sisters Of The Road  is a non-profit organization in Portland, Oregon, that supports community driven solutions to the calamities of homelessness and poverty in an atmosphere of nonviolence and gentle personalism. 

Since 1979, Sisters has believed that in order to end homelessness, it is imperative to listen to the experts – the people with experience of homelessness and poverty. 

In 2001, Sisters conducted a research study to amplify the voices of people experiencing homelessness. Sisters completed 600 one-to-one interviews asking people about their experiences. Over 500 of the interviews are now accessible to the public and usable for analysis through this database

To access this database, please register here. These interviews are also featured in the book Voices From the Street: Truths about Homelessness from Sisters Of The Road, by Jessica P. Morrell, with a foreword by Sisters co-founder Genny Nelson. To learn more about the book, please click here.