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Portland Tribune- “Markets push - puts food on tables” 7/18/2014

The Portland Tribune (Issue date July 18, 2014) interviewed Sisters volunteer Robert about his experience being able to exchange his Sisters... Read More >

Dining with Dignity all of September!

All of September, it’s time to dine out and support Sisters!

Sept. 23—Toast

A sweet neighborhood restaurant nestled between the Woodstock and Foster/Powell parts of town, Toast specializes in cuisine using local, seasonal, fresh, and natural products. We take great pride in providing freshly baked breads and pastries, and grinding meats for our sausages and burgers in house. We buy the best product available to us in order to provide our customers with a top quality experience. As they say, good food takes time. http://www.toastpdx.com/

Where to eat next!

Sept. 24 —The Observatory

Sept. 25—Old Salt Marketplace

Sept. 26—Big Ass Sandwiches

Sept. 27 & 28 - Daily Cafe in the Pearl

Sept. 30—Biwa

Big Thanks for your support!

Tuesday 9/2 - Pacific Pie

Sept. 3—Por Que No

Sept. 4—Grain & Gristle

Sept. 5—Prasad

Sept. 6—Addy’s Sandwich Bar

Sept. 9—Mississippi Pizza

Sept. 10—Lincoln

Sept. 11—Las Primas

Sept. 17—Florida Room

Sept. 18—3 Doors Down Cafe

Sept. 19—Harlow