“You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results. – Mahatma Gandhi

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Patience is a virtue: website under some re-construction

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be finishing up some semi-major website re-construction. Thanks for your patience. If you can’t find what you are... See all events >

March 11th is the Housing Alliance Lobby Day!

The Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign/Right To Rest Bill Coalition will be joining the Housing Alliance caravan to Salem on March 11th for the Housing... See all events >

News & Press

edible Portland Podcast: Dignified Dining with Kris Soebroto

Kris Soebroto (left) with Chris Seigel is the host of Underground Airwaves. Cafe and Development Co-Manager, Kris Soebroto was recently interviewed on edible Portland’s audio blog, Underground Airwaves. Listen to the... Read More >

This is the place

Food Justice at Sisters

“This is a place where
we are connected,
and what is shared is
honored and celebrated.”

—Sisters Customer