"You people are like my family. I come here when I need time to be strong. Thank you." - a Sisters Customer

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Sisters Of The Road is one of Oregon’s Best 100 Nonprofit Organizations

Sisters Of The Road was named one of Oregon’s Best 100 Nonprofit Organizations! Check the medium sized nonprofit listings.

It’s better to be in the world


A conversation with Tony, Cafe Volunteer
by Charla, Development Co-Manager

On a rainy morning before his volunteer shift, I caught up with Tony over some french fries. He told me a little bit about himself and what brings him to share his time with the Sisters community. His story is pretty swell!

Tony ventured west at age 18, leaving his parents and siblings on the east coast, looking for some wilderness and something to sink his adventurous teeth into. He found himself in Leadville, Colorado headed to the community college to study, and climb mountains every chance he could get. After teaching ESL in South America, he found his way to Portland.

He found out about Sisters Of The Road through volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank. He’s been a volunteer in the Cafe 2 days a week now for over 2 years! He’s been around long enough to know how to do all the floor shift positions. He’s made lots of new friends in the cafe and can tell how he personally has grown. Sometimes when the cafe is super busy, he reflects, “It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle, but it is worth it to slow way down and serve people with thought and care.”

When I asked him what Sisters means to him, Tony took a moment to respond. “Sisters’ is about connections, acceptance, and sharing. It can be so much work to avoid the world around us, but it is so much better to be in the world. I love Sisters’ because it’s easy to get comfortable in the real sense of belonging here. And laughter is a big part of my life now.” Tony is thinking about his next level of volunteering, maybe training to be in our Speaker’s Bureau to give short public talks about Sisters. He’s interested the Homeless Bill of Rights campaign, too. “Maybe I’ll hit the streets and start protesting for housing rights!” Yeah!

Looking forward to seeing you step into the next level, Tony. We think you’re ready!